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Care and support for vulnerable and disabled people by PIKA Limited in Mitcham

The PIKA Limited Story

PIKA Limited aim to provide high standard of care and support to vulnerable and disabled people who cannot fully look after themselves. The care and services we provide to our service users in their own home are comfortable, safe, and secure. Whilst aiming to provide care and support in a way which will influence and promote positive outcome for service users is to encourage their active participation.

Kadiatu Contehis the owner and manager of PIKA care service. Kadiatu is a qualified registered nurse who has worked in the NHS for 14 years as substantial, bank and agency Nurse. Feeling a personal need to show appreciation for the great care her grandmother received from the community during her last years of life, Kadiatu has always had the passion to care for people in the community. These reasons inspired her to open PIKA Limited domiciliary care agency

Family Generations Together

Our Promises

In Good Hands

Non-discrimination and inclusivity

To ensure the service is delivered in a non-discriminatory way we respect each service user's right to independence, confidentiality, privacy, dignity, and fulfilment. Make informed choices and to take risk.

Respect for the user

To ensure each service user's values are respected in relation to religion, culture, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientated, disability or impairment. To ensure the service is well managed and acts on feedback from service users.

Old and Young
Woman & care professional

Personal care package

To provide for each service user a package of care that contributes to his or her overall personal and health care needs and preferences. We are committed to keeping the people who use our services safe from all forms of abuse and neglect.

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